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More Dogs For Felda Zones

Felda Security Services Sdn Bhd ( FSSSB ) has raised the number of its imported guard dogs with the aim of deploying them for duty and for breeding, CEO Bakri Sanusi said today.

He said the company bought nine German Shepherd dogs in December last year, with the purchase made from supplier Hardyhaus on the advice of the Royal Malaysia Police.

The dogs were stationed at the K9 Unit of the Sepang police headquarters for training and adaptation prior to deployment at the Mempaga and Trolak Jaya Felda zones, he told Bernama.

Felda Security Services had set up a Felda Auxiliary Police K9 Unit after acquiring six German Shepherd dogs from China, he said.

“After training and adaptation, the six dogs were deployed at the Serting, Sabah, Trolak, Mempaga, Jengka and Johor Felda zones,” he said, adding that the police had advised the company in terms of selection, acquisition, training and deployment of the dogs.

The breeding unit was launched with a dog and two bitches and it now had nine dogs, he said, adding that the target was to produce between 150 and 200 dogs over the next five years, sufficient to provide patrol and guard service at all Felda Auxiliary Police units nationwide.

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